Recovery Equipment

At some point in time all drivers of 4x4’s have overestimated their vehicles abilities and got themselves in need of assistance in one form or another.

We’ve all done it and I would even go so far as to say that if you’ve never got stuck, you’re not trying hard enough, or you’re very lucky!

Often with some thought and some minor outside assistance the situation is easily rectified.


However unless you are carrying some basic recovery equipment, the only thing you have to rely on is muscle power. Dependant on conditions this can often be successful as a first step.  A shove here and there can sometimes be enough effort to move the stricken vehicle.

But if it is insufficient and it often will be, you will need to call upon your basic recovery kit. And know how to use it effectively.


The emphasis will be on safety as the first rule of rescue is not to become a casualty yourself and the technical aspects such as the effort that will be required to move a stricken vehicle in different types of terrain.

Using the correct equipment, safely and effectively will usually result in successful recoveries.

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a) Spare Wheel

b) Hand / Electric tyre pump – for re-inflating tyres after use in “emergency soft” condition

c) Spade

d) Bow Saw

e) Axe

f) Tow rope – min 5 mts @ 2 tonne BS

g) 2 Shackles – min 2 tonne loading

h) Slings – min 2 @ min 2 tonne BS and min 1 mtr length

i) Jack – bottle or High lift

j) Pry or crow bar ( 18” min) can also be used as ground anchor if winching

k) WD 40 essential for Petrol engine ( they don’t like water)

l) Tool kit ( basic – spanners etc)

m) Thin steel wire ( To tie up fallen exhaust may be)

n) Insulation / duck tape

o) First aid kit

p) Fire extinguisher

a) Fully charged mobile phone

b) Phone charger

c) Flask of hot water or tea, coffee

d) Choc bars – biscuits, Mars etc

e) If not flask then stove, kettle, cup, tea bags, coffee, sugar and dried milk

f) Spare gas cylinders for stove

g) Water

h) Simple food i.e. Cup a soup, noodles(typical re-hydrate foods light and simple)

i) Wellingtons

j) Spare clothes (Socks etc)

k) Torch and spare batteries

l) OS maps of area ( Landranger – 2.5” to 1m are best)

m) High visibility jacket

n) Knife “pen” or “Swiss army” type

Recommended Recovery Equipment for Green Lane’s

Personal Item’s

a) Sand track roll or ladders

b) Pick axe

c) Extra ropes

d) Small ground sheet or mat (when under vehicle when fixing or jacking up)

e) CB Radio (mobiles don’t always work)

f) Emergency flares

g) At least one vehicle with mechanical or electric winch

Desirable item’s